From Within Me


"I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then ask myself the same question."
Trips within myself
I don't know any place more
Mysterious and
A place where love lives dying inside because it never got a chance 
To reach 
When your lover fades and all your love sits heavy on your heart. 
Love can hurt. Love can heal. 
My arms raise to the heavens 
With my held held high
Trying to control these tears that are falling from my eyes
What a sick cruel twisted GAME life can be. 
Look at the girl I was NEVER raised to be
Experience was my only teacher, the only one that ever got through to me
Maybe that's why.. i'm so, MESSED up in the head
Where did my innocence go?
Isn't it supposed to be that a child has that love and nurturing from both their mother and father?! 
Where I come from that's unheard of. RARE
I never had a father. Searching for attention he never gave me. Yearning for someone to know me, the real me. 
Who really knows Lia?
Am I that all A student Athlete with Attitude
Or am that black girl in the honor classes with the white snobs?
Or do you see deeper than that?
Am I that loving caring friend that would break her arm just to reach out and help you?
Give you my BACK to stand on or I'll be your spinal cord.
Or am I that sad ex girlfriend that you dumped because you never really knew how to love me. 
Tell me something how could you love ANYONE when you couldn't even succeed at loving someone like me?
I am not just one of a kind I am universal. I represent every teenager that was thrown out into the world and landed on their ass and I'd be the first one to tell you, the FIRST it takes a heck of a lot of strength to get back up on your feet. I'd tell ya
To anyone who has ever given me pain I'd like to say thank you for helping me to grow.
And along with that thank you I'd like to say forget you. 
Forget you for making promises you never kept
Forget you for telling me you loved me while watching me as I wept
Forget you for lying to me
Forget you for cheating on me
Forget you for degrading me
Forget you for not being there for me
See, I deserve love
We all deserve love..
If only we could peak out from behind the struggle 
There is LIGHT to brighten those darkened days,
Yes I'm speaking to me.. and you 
Love is not all bad. 
I promise
Believe me? 

Im just a girl that loved to pick at her scars


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