Wishing You Well, My Future Self

Dear future me,

I hope that you're smiling.
I hope that you can say
that you're happy without lying.

There's so much weighing me down,
And all the crushing pressure
Makes it hard to do much more than frown.

Have you escaped all of that?
Can lift your head freely?
Or have your dreams all been crushed flat?

My mind is a mess
I think I think too much
And I'm going insane, I must confess

Why is puberty so confusing?
When I ask, all the adults just laugh
I'd like to know what part of my suffering is so awfully amusing

Maybe when we meet you can enlighten me?
If only you could answer,
How useful you'd be!

And high school is rough
So much homework and peer pressure
And if just graduating isn't enough,

Colleges, scholarships, and careers, oh my!
Never seem to get easier,
No matter how hard I try

So do you get into the school you wanted?
Doubtful, it’s a long shot
But if I don't try at all, I'd forever be haunted

On top of that, people are dumb
They're immature and disloyal
I could count all my friends on the tip of my thumb!

It seems I'll be alone forever as well
Destined for a loveless life
At this rate, might as well go straight to Hell

Have you broken enough hearts yet?
And your own each time too?
Hope you've finally learned that love isn't something you just forget

Yeah, so in summary, life sucks
Well, at least for right now
Can't seem to have one stroke of luck

I keep bulldozing onwards
But the path never clears
I've even lost track of what exactly I'm working towards

But I'm wishing you well,
Hope you've found your way out of the muck
And until we meet someday, farewell.

Your unhappy self.

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