Wishful Thinking

I could imagine us all alone

Hand in hand, just me and you

I could imagine us happy together

But it isn't true


know I'm not the image plastered across your mind

But give me chance and give your heart a little time


Maybe you'll come around to the idea one night when we're up real late

You'll embrace me and say

"Who knew we'd end up together?"

"I guess it's just fate"


But I don't believe in fate and you don't believe in me

So sad though that when I close my eyes that's all I want to see

I fall asleep to our romantic love but it doesn't exist

You know that I'd be a fool if I tried to persist

I'd rather have you close than not have you all

You're my ballast in peril when I fear I may fall


I've heard it said that love is about appreciation and not just possession

Well I'm glad to say I think I've moved past an obsession

Still you cross my mind at least every other breath

To me, you're not just a good friend

To me, you're the best


So I'll love you forever just know that much

I know we won't end up together so I won't continue to clutch


Thank you for helping me find myself

Without you I don't know where I'd be

Probably with my dreams on the backshelf and my life lost at sea


As I write I feel sick when I think of all the great things that could be

But it's all Wishful Thinking

Don't you agree?


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Very well written! My favorite line was, "But I don't believe in fate and you

don't believe in me." I feel your pain; I'm going through a similar situation.

That friendzone sucks. Doesn't it?


Keep writing. This is gold. 

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