The Wind

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 10:57 -- Devin_


The smell of smoke lingers in the air

Blowing towards the crack longing for freedom

to escape its beholder

I am the smoke looking for a place to go

To grow.

I can fly with the wind and

Dawdle around one place

Till I am picked up to move along 

to travel a path that has many obstacles

But always blowing down whats in the way

Or making a beautiful disaster

Whenever I go

Causing somebody to fall for someone else

Because thats all the wind does 

Is blow.

Greeting people and sending them elsewhere

to land where they need to be 

I can be a tornado

Crushing the innocent in my wrath to destroy

Or I can fill people with smiles as

I fly their kites in the sky

Lifting them even higher

I cand sed them on their way

to great destiny

Always looking to help

I am holding your hand and moving your hair

I am brushing against your lips

The lips that only an angel should be able to wear


I am the wind

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