Dear Michael,
My first love, my first heart break, my first experience, my first attachment.
Oh Michael, don’t you know that I loved you so,
It hurt for me to even know,
All that you put me threw, and just to see you go, so easily away from me.
I laughed, I smiled, and loved with you for two years
Now all I do is reminisce, miss your kiss, and drown in tears.
Will it ever go away?
Oh Michael, was it worth seeing the look of shock and disappointment on my face?
If that’s the case, I wish I can take it all back, but I won’t.
All the times we had together, I wouldn’t take back, this I know for a fact, because you taught me love.
You taught me what to prevent, look for, and avoid in my next relationship.
You did not only teach me that but you taught me how to love, how to express, and how to adore.
Will it ever go away?
As I see you starting something new with someone else after two months, I am crushed.
I am worth more than to be feeling how I am, broken and useless.
One day, you will understand how much of an influence I had on you, no else will compare.
I wish you the best and hope you stop trying to rub it all and my face, it is not a race.
I loved you then, and I love you now, and I always will.
I also will let go, I will move and you shall see someone treat me how you should have.
It will soon go away.

Clarissa Morales

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