Reason to write

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Peel the mask off. No one is fooled. You claim a Savior, but you're in charge of this school?   Show us your face. Let us all see. Are you even real? Could you show that to me?  
I truly don’t enjoy being talked at Almost as though I’m not in the room When a professor begins a lesson I wish for class to end so soon
Do you remember watching the stem grow? The evergreen leaves stretching out longer-each and every day. Do you remember seeing the day she was born? This beautiful pink flower That just emerged from the ground every so slightly.
You're gone, Out of sight, Out of my life, But never out of my mind.   You're always there, Lingering In the back of my mind, Refusing to escape my thoughts,
Sitting in the fifth grade, Poems were a drag. Does broccoli rhyme with celery? It's shaped like a handbag? I know it was annoying, But it really helped me write. I was creative, yet realistic.
We are just growing up, that’s all. As she tries to recall, She stares into the mirror and sees, A person at unease. She wonders how she became like this, having trouble finding true bliss.
a little girl lost behind the skirts of four beautiful sisters, quiet amongst the charming laughter and razor-sharp wit, unbalanced by the deep minds and spectacular intelligence,
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