Will Always Be


Sometimes I wonder;

Life doesn't make sense.

Where am I going?

It's all just nonsense. 


Today I was looking

For something to hold.

There was nothing...

Until I found something bold.


I ran to the window,

And saw a little boy.

He held hands with a widow,

and a little small toy.


Tears ran down,

His face full of sorrow.

I had a night gown,

Maybe he could borrow?


While this family of two

walked down the street,

the little boy stopped

as he trembled on his feet.


I couldn't help but stand,

there in silence on the ground.

I burst into tears,

as I lay there with a frown. 


"The Lord God Almighty,"

I prayed in loud echos through the room.

"Help me see the glory of Your mercy,

Fall beneath the lost, as I would assume."


The silence came rushing in.

I heard a heavy breath.

My eyes blinked twice,

As the little boy told me of his father's death.


I couldnt' help it.

I wanted to mend it! 

This heavy heart,

of prisoners abroad.


I shook in the midst,

of the heavy leaves ablow.

The little boy hugged me, 

As his face started to glow. 


Why? Oh, why?! 

I asked myself in denial.

Oh God, thanks for Your Spirit!

You're always worth the while.


The mother of the boy

gave me a second glance.

"It's done" she whispered,

as I stood without a chance.


It doesn't make sense.

Why is this so final?

I can't take another chance,

But to pray for a revival.


I though I knew what I would say,

but nothing came out but air. 

Life is just too heavy,

I can't do nothing but glare.


Thoughts said that I did something right.

That's not what I thought at least.

God new everything will be alright, 

He said, "Let's have a feast."


I can't do this anymore! 

What does everyone want from me? 

I am just a foolish woman,

Can't you see?!


I thought I knew that.

But Jesus didn't.

Again and again,

He told me, "You did it."


One day at the alter,

my eyes opened far.

I couldn't stand but holler,

"Hallelujah! He's alive!"


The sunset rushed ahead,

as the birds chirped across.

I bowed down my head,

because now I'm not lost.


He's within me,

He's with me.

He'll always be there.

I knew I had to share.


That day it was clear.

Knew I was free!

Because of Jesus, 

I am now me.


It's all I ever wanted.

I was looking for it all along.

What was I?



But within me came He.

Who gave me a meaning,

It's all I need,

for my life to be set from the beginning. 


This is what I've been living for,

and waiting for.

This is the future me,

and it will always be.


I believe that I can become

that person out on the streets.

Giving little boys hugs,

and helping little girls fight their bugs.


This is me.

It will always be.

I won't hesitate to say,

Jesus is my future me.

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