Why will you not leave

Why will you not leave me alone?

You are always there, even when I go home.

I need some time away to breath and just be,

Because with you I am not really me.


I sit at home trying to fight the fight,

But your grasp is so tight.

I wish I coud just shake you from my head,

But it is so hard and you make me turn red.


I am afraid to fully be myself,

Even if I had tons of wealth.

If only there was a way to lift this curtain,

That hids my inner self for certain.


It is me who holds myself back,

For some reason I believe that I lack,

So I must put on this act,

Just to cover up my back.


I want people to believe I am me,

But that is much different in reality.

So each day I will fight to be free,

So that I can just be me.




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