Why so ambitious

Living a life full dreams and pondering where I would be, fathoming the things of this world that I could bring. Staying humble and hard working is part of the game unless you give it up and end up in a life of shame.Why so ambitious. having failures in my life where I cant back nad change, but momma never said dont be said, theirs always a new day. Feeling heavy from the pressures from the earth, but lord knows he got my back ever since my day of birth. Yerning for success in my life and my future, no telling where my talents can take me, not saying Im perfect but my future is looking brightly on the other side of the darkness, beleiving in the most high, trusting the one who can get me into a suit and tie. Why so ambitious.

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My community
My country
Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart! 

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