Why she writes?


She gets one more bad grade
The loans are piling up; Never fully paid
Starts to look like there's no way out...

Choking back tears, she reaches for a knife
Reflection showing sorrow, struggle and strife
...Without a shadow of a doubt...

There are some scars that never go away
Some closets let old demons out to play
...Maybe she needs to take a different route...

The knife drops to the floor forever stained with her reflection
Wipes away her tears, picks up a pen and braces for rejection
...Gets a notepad, starts writing and goes all-out...

Why do I write?
I write to prevent suicide
She writes to prevent suicide.




Guide that inspired this poem: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

she lives to write

she writes to live

let voice be heard-express oneself

keep writing


Writing is her escape. it protects her fragile heart. keep writing

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