Why M€???

Why do î have to be the one to feel?
Feel all the pain that you wasnt their before
Why is it that no matter what
î get hurt
And i spend my nights crying
Do you even care
Do you have a heart

Ŵhy is it that î feel so broken inside?
That my heart tears
Why is it that just one small act
Can distroy me forever
Do you understand?
No î don't think you do

Ŵhy do you come for me?
Ŵhy did you take my heart?
And then throw it on the floor
Am i just that unlikeable

Ŵhy me?
What did î do to you?
Am î worthy of love?
Would i be forever alone?
Ŵhy does it have to be?

Ŵhy is it aways me????(-_-)(-?-)

This poem is about: 
Our world



Do you ask yourself so many questions When you get out of a relationship and you always wonder what did you do wrong and why did things have to play out that way??? Thats what i was thinking about i had just ended a two year relationship because my boyfriend decided that he wanted to cheat behind my back and i wondered, why me what did i do wrong... But i figured out it wasnt me it was him. It was his fault not mine.....

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