Why don't you notice me


Why is it so hard to be noticed

by your friends. When you have been

there the whole time, trying to talk to them.

They just ignore you, rub you off like

a leaf on the shoulder. So you get tired of

trying and stop all together. Deciding that

being alone is better than knowing

your friends are ignoring you. The

first person that see you alone is

the last person who would notice you.

Even if you weren't trying to get their

attention. They come up to you and

ask what is wrong. You shrug and say

nothing don't worry about it. You expect

them to leave but they don't. They start to talk

to you and try to cheer you up. You feel

better enough to try to be notice again. Still

hasn't improce but that one person still talked

to you. But you still wonder why your friends

ignore you. It's true you were quiet before you

broke out of your shell and spread your wings.

Bu that doesn't give them the escuse to treat

you like your not even there. When you go out into

the world, offically, then things will change for you

. Good or bad it will change, adn if not only you

have the descisions whether it should stay that way or not.

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