Why did this have to be this way

"There's something bad about her. There's something not quite."
I heard a father say to a little boy one night.

The little boy didn't understand why his dad was so upset.
"She likes girls. Like you like mom." He looked up and said.

His chubby face and big green eyes
So innocent
So clean
Lit up with curiosity when the man growled, low and mean.

"She's sick, doesn't belong to me. No, not anymore."
The boy cried out as he watched his older sister hit the floor.

"Dad! Please Stop! You're hurting her!"
He looked down at his blood soaked shoes.
He didn't know why he saw that sight, his sister, lying dead.

He cried during her funeral, watched her body, a cold corpse
Be buried, six feet under ground, no longer alive and warm.

He still didn't understand when his dad knelt down and said.
"Son, just know this was for the best, she was messed up in the head."

All she did was love a girl, how could that be so bad.
Why, she was no different from him or grandpa or dad.

Eventually, as the years flew past, he realized what was meant.
When someone spat "gay" or "fag" when he brought up his sister, a long time dead.

In his teens, he started to change, didn't feel right in his own skin.
He wanted to play with the girls, to paint his nails and wear pretty things.

He didn't like the camo shorts, the role he was forced to play.
He'd rather be a girl, he thought, with laces and bows and string.

So he is a she now, but she lives in fear.
For one can never forget what her father did to sister dear.

Although her dad is locked away, she can't help but fret.
What if her family members found out, they'll think she's not right in her head.

She had to hide who she was for years and years and years.
But one day, she could take it no more, and shouted, close to tears.

"I'm tired of this secret I have to keep! I got something to say.
I'm a girl, I'm not a boy so tell me if you have something to say."

She's living on her own now, finally, a real adult.
She has a girlfriend with beautiful hair, who can make anyone stop and stare.

Her family all Hayes her now, but she knows its for the best.
They didn't want to see her happy, and she wouldn't ever settle for that.

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