Tue, 12/02/2014 - 16:20 -- breaves

When I get comfortable

I always feel pain

Its something that’s hard to deal with

And God I wish it would change

From the words to a phrase

They all hurt the same

But why is it that I feel myself to blame

Maybe im a bad person

Someone who deserves the worst

But it always seems that its my family

That seems to hurt me the most

The ones im supposed to trust

And be able to run to you see

Are the same ones who are hurting me

The remorse I have for myself is great

But I wish I didn’t have to be in this state

So many people hurt me

That my trust is gone

But all the while they tried it but I feel wrong

Sometimes I think the roads ahead of me

Will hold nothing but pain

But I know that it will change in God's name

Although sometimes faith is hard to keep

When things like this keep happening to me

I just wonder what have I ever done

For it to periodically be this one

But I know my own strength

Although I get tested

I just wished that they believed me when I confessed it

Though its someone from my family

I find it hard to trust honestly

It brings tears to my eyes

To know that this is true

That the one who bought me pain is you!


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