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It started out ok,

It started out good.

It started out the way it was supposed to,

It started out the way it should.

But I dont really know what happened,

Something had went wrong.

But you know what he did,

and it lasted way too long.

But I dont know why you stayed,

you knew what he was doing was bad,

But you chose to make your own choice,

and that really made me mad.

Girl, you're my best friend,

and I dont wany anybody to hurt you,

but if your conscience makes you still,

I dont know who you gon run to.

But that time he put his hands on you,

and I was standing at the door,

He just kept hitting you,

I couldn't take it no more.

I ran to the kitchen,

with my feet running so fast.

He aint putting his hands on you no more,

this will be his last!

I opened the white drawer,

and grabbed the blazed knife.

Should I risk going to jail?

Should i waste my life?

I ran back to the room,

and put the knife to his head.

He put his face down,

as I kneeled him on the bed.

My exact words were,

dont you EVER touch my friend,

dont you never ever put your hands on her again.

But one day I went out of town,

to see my uncle wed,

and when I came back to New York,

my best friend was dead.

The words I left in my letter were,

"Your love will never cease, but from my heart to you,

I love you...Rest in Peace.


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