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The time passes by
unnoticed is it leaving so fly
it happens so quickly
like the change that happens in or world
from friends to enemies
Is it because we are not alike
why?the media changes who we are
and we ask why?
we can decide for our destiny
no let destiny decide for us
we can make the change
we don't have to be the them
when we can be the I
We are unique in every way possible
While girls think its all about their body
not about their mind and strength
When women are considered to be weak
Why can't we be strong
does physical strength define who we are
Is it possible that we are Naive
we seem too be dominated
but when we could be as equal
Why isn't the world so simple?
where there are no classes
where I am not considers to be in the lower class
Where humans can be in harmony
It may not be simple
but it is possible
Any thing is possible
Why humans invent technology
but yet they can't stop
hating each other with all their heart
Sure it may never end
but why doesn't nobody try
It is as simple as a complimentary
Simple as a "Hey your smart"
not like a "Damn your fine"
Where's our dignity
where's our soul
Is our physical appearance going to define who we are
Are we going to let time pass to see no change
The answer is unknown
But will we stand up to this non-sense
I guess we will never know!
Is it a shame that I do believe
or that nobody else really care
I speak from my heart
Society lets be fair
Media stop Portraying what is not true
Just to make your millions
From something that Isn't true!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for sharing your story

this poem validates the importance of equality and respect

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