This Is Why

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 21:54 -- Samhess

Happy thoughts don't exist.

Nobody tries to understand.

There's always an unkown twist,

I'm on my last strand.

I'm drifting away,

hearing the voices.

As the people try & pray,

I'm making the wrong choices.

Letting everything go.

Having no time to think,

 never saying no,

Having no time to blink.

Trying to meet everyones needs,

not wanting to be hated.

My hearts hurts & bleeds.

I sat & I waited.

I was giving myself away,

With no respect.

Looking at things so grey.

Always changing the subject.

Putting myself last,

Never thinking about me.

Always thinking of my past,

This is what i'd be...


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