You were here just yesterday,

But in a split second you were taken right before my eyes.

Nothing has been the same.

This dark shadow follows my every step since you’ve left.

No matter how much I run toward the light, toward you.

It’s always a step ahead of me.

Crushing my bliss, my heart with a snap of its deadly fingers.

Guess I should have seen this coming,

Should have known it all along.

But why?

The question I always ask myself each night.

There must be a reason so just that the almighty God decided to rip you out of my life.

So abruptly without even a warning…

Guess I should have seen this coming,

Should have known all along.

                                                                     But why?            

Why did He take you out of my life?

Can someone explain this?

Can someone take this dark haze away?

Take the pain and sadness it brings upon?

My light isn’t as bight without you anymore

Every step I take the shadows just pull me closer towards isolation.

Restricting my dreams and goals you taught me to reach to the confines of my mind.

Forbidding me to make you proud.

Why? I ask myself.

Why does He take the most purest of hearts off the face of the world?

Like they say “There is a reason for everything”

But I just can’t comprehend...

Can someone help?


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