Who's Flawless?



Flawless because I’m contempt with the person I am / becoming.

Flawless because I’m eighteen proud and gay.

I am the problematic child.

I am making the wrong choice (some say).

 But who’s flawless?  

Is it the single mother who is raising four children, and trying her best to supply for her kids?

Or is it the single father?

Flawlessness isn’t about being physically or mentally perfect,

But it’s about being imperfect, and knowing you still are going to make mistakes.

Who’s flawless?

Is it the heterosexual child who is viewed as the family success?

Or is it the homosexual child who is viewed as the family mistake?

Who’s flawless?

Is it the common high school bully who’s afraid of his true self?

Or is it the person who gets it out of them?

I am flawless

Because I know I have imperfections

I am flawless

Because I know I am still going to make mistakes.

I am flawless.

I am prideful of the person I am.

I am a dancer,

I am a performer,

I am my own person,

I am imperfectly flawed,

Imperfectly hurt,

Imperfectly scarred,

Imperfectly human,

But then again I am flawless

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