Who Says??

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 12:30 -- Jyli

Answer this for me. Please.

Who says you HAVE to listen and care what others think about you?

Who says you ARE different and not ‘normal’ because of what you wear?

Who says that if you have Autism that you are weaker? Wimpy? Stupid? Or even a Freak?

Who says that you have to SIT there and take the pain? The angriness? The frustration?

Who says you have to listen and do NOTHING?

I think you, I mean WE, should take this take the pain and suffering?

Personally, we shouldn’t.

But yet we do.

Not just the kids with Autism,

But the ’normal’ people too.

The ‘freaks’,

The Goths,

Yes, even the people who pick on you for being who you are.

We shouldn’t take it anymore.


Now.we won’t.

We’ll be happy.

Walk away with our heads held high!

Be PROUD of who we are!

Make it seem like NOTHING can harm us!

Because if we do then society might change.

But who says it won’t.

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