Who Hears the Voice of the Mentally Ill?


Who hears the voice of the mentally ill?

Who feels for them when they cry from the pain they feel?

It seems they are feared and everyone worries

Is their problem contagious or more comfortable ignoring?

I hate what these systems have done for these people

I thought at one point we were each other’s equal

But inside this illness, you’re all thrown away

Drugged up till your stable, it only takes days

Then you’re thrown out, back to no home

No one wants you alive; you’re better alone

Alone with your pain and everyone stares

How does any part of this seem fair?

We need tolerance and courage to challenge these systems

I cry every night for my brother who has no body listen

Breanna Wright



I wrote this poetry to express some of the pain my brother has experienced. He suffers from a severe mood disorder, and has been turned away from every place he has asked for help. I pray every day for all the people who suffer from the invisible torment they experience.

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