Who are you?

How do you show people who you are as a person? Sounds stupid, right? Wrong. You may know who you are but when someone asks "who are you?"; all we say is our name. That's not tellng them who you are as a person. You as a person is everything about you; personality, favorite things, hobbies, what you love to do, even your mistakes & regrets, your thoughts, your dreams & goals; what makes you. How do you express to someone who you are as a person? Is it truly possible to ever really know who someone is, to know everything about them? There are things that people will never reveal to another living soul about some about themselves. I believe you never truly know someone 100% because you learn something new about someone almost everyday wether they say it or you notice it while they do something without thought. Some people show who they are by performing, wether that means singing, dancing, acting, etc. Others show who they are through sports or playing music like in a band or orchestra. Everyone is so different in so many possible ways it's unbelievable but incredible simultaneously. Not everyone knows how to show who they are, i'm one of them. I know what I love, I know who I am but I don't know how to show it to others. My thinking is, what's the point? Is it worth showing someone else who you truly are? Will they actually take the time to get to know you & will they actually care? Why do we show people who we are who maybe the same people who won't remember you or have any communication with you in only a few years. So is it worth actually answering the question correctly, "who are you?"


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