Who am I really ?what's my name.?


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Setting in the dark head full of thoughts the voices are screaming and screaming who are you?
Do you even recognize this horrible being you call yourself?
Looking in the mirror,the face that stares back confirm just that ,I have no clue I am but most importantly furthermore,who are you my conscious mind also begins to yell tell me your name show me your face .
a deep strange voice begin to speak out to me it say's..
"I'm empty, I'm blank, I'm broken, I'm sad, I'm miserable, im hurt ,I'm pain ,im grief ,I'm all of the dark and gloomy things that take over one's soul I will never go away .
You allowed me in to possess take over your heart ,mind and soul, are you ready are you sure you really want to know my name my truthest face ?,are you really sure I've been waiting a long time to hear you call upon me so I just want to be for certain ask one more time are you really really sure you ready to learn my face ,my name"?
"Yes I do I asked you so now show me your truth show your real face what is your name I demand to know who are you"?
The voice say to me"no worries my sweet child you heard of me before you even seen us before one night at church but let me reintroduce myself you know of us by the name Legion of many."
"I have been slowly taking over you for years waiting for the day when that hurtful moment I knew that come your way I knew from it you would break, I waited in the dark for years you slowly unknowly let us in ,now we fully control you there no name or noone to call to save you,Im very intrigue with you my dear , your soul is unique it is strong it kept trying to struggle to hang on ,i seen the endless tears you have cried many nights but you got up you continue to fight you pushed through it ,you endured it, you want to walk through it not around it..,you're truly rare one of a kind, one in a million I need you to fully commit to becoming mines and only mines I need your loyalty love and devotion".
" for that reason alone just for you you alone,I'm willing to make a deal that will allow all this pain to subside ,I will make your life peaceful whole again ,i want you to became healed, live again."
"what is the deal your soul is whispering to me? "
"It simpley Just let go fully submit to me, come to me, embrace me, trust me, take my hand I send you to a peaceful place in my promise land," you are no longer stronger then us you never really was,now that your life has fully fallen apart you are dead you no longer have life ,love, hope in your secret heart ,secret soul pain and misery is all that you know .."I been shielding you from the world's pain more then you know"
".see my child you put your life in the wrong hand..how can god, his son, the holy ghost claim to love you so with nothing but pure unconditional love when he promised before your life on earth your days be short and full of trouble then he give you so much pain every second of every day.he took away so many things that made you happy sent false happiness and love into your life just when you felt you be alright you can live he took that joy as well he took the only person you needed on this earth didn't allow him to return knowing this was going to break and shatter you,"
" my child i truly love and care for you so I blocked out a lot of these heartbreaks and took all this pain for you as you see I love you more then he ..so my sweet dominique take my hand let it Go.. You should have just trusted in me fully with your hopes and your dreams aspirations and goals"," I sense that your soul is weak and weary let me take you to rest now my child in my peaceful Wonder land."..I plead to you my sweet Dominique come with me put this sad life behind us and out of misery"
As I stand there with a blank empty thouthless stare as the tears started to fall no one able to hear my soul sceams..my broken heart silent calls no longer able to endure this pain i reached out my hand I want it to end I want to no longer feel, live ,or be awaken again for he was right how can some one who say the love you unconditionally do all this hurt ,sadness ,loneliness to me,crush me then leave me in the dark to die alone..how is that love..I told him I'm willing to go I gave him my hand on the way to this peaceful promise land ..someone intervene took over for me they call their self fate and destiny..
They look at me saying "rest for a moment my child while we talk to leigon himself" as I looked at my new found friend who was a demon trying to get fully in I seen a scare on his face then my eyes was shut no longer aware of the time or place I was in ..but woken again I was told I slept for 3 days finally awake still in this body , why still in so much pain?.
Again here comes a entity surrounded with the brightest of lights.
It said unto me "welcome back my love did you enjoy your peaceful sleep ..my child you are really rare.. one in milion 1 of a kind..see my child legion wanted to consume your body with your soul in hell to cause pain on earth my sweet angel I know you don't understand as of now but trust us when we say my dear every tear you cried every hurt you felt your soul is now stronger your wiser for you have overcome everything thing you had to endure,your subconscious soul is who i am I allowed your conscious body to take those pills to take legion deal so you can see your right where you are needed to be everything is going as god has planned one day you will join your best friend in the promise land he there waiting for you but right now my angel your work is not done I know your soul is weary it seems weak you nothing left to fight with your all out of options but you remain alive because your soul stronger than you think and refuse to die take my love, my strength ,believe and trust in me I will call you home after your done on earth for I'm your breath,life,your all..I'm god I gave my only son for you I never lead you astary or the wrong way I will bring you to it and threw it now go be in peace my child and know that your reward is waiting and your storm will be over in the morning".
I now know who I am my name is dominique Shantel lane for I'm a special Angel of my god I was sent to do his work see I placed my life in mortal man hands ,i became cloudy in my head with my judgement as well It caused me to lose my way I been in the darkness for so long..alone,lost,scared,broken,beaten, shattered, but I'm blessed I'm here, im free, im alive ..I am me, I am dominique!

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