' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’; depression ; projection;

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Who Am I? Am i a shadwo,a chair or even a doorway?   I am a shadow  A shadow that has no way, I am there but people walk through me  I stand aside,but still trouble follows;
Turning eighteen and running away is how I "glowed up" and that's sad to say. Trying to act grown, I moved four hours away. To be hurt by a man and that was not okay.
Wake up you mess  it’s time to see the morning You did your best But you never saw the warning You know they don’t love you So why are you trying You know they can’t love you
There is no doubt in how much I love you; even despite how much you utterly confuse all the same.  
She was hungry, peaked and breathless “I’m starving” Words meant to manipulate I capitulate “How big is the salami?” “Roll it up with cream cheese, have you ever Had that before?”
Beware the well projected wish For though from you it's good and understood It stands to land on anyone What's more, it is so readily believed It is that desperate a need
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