The whispers that she hears


The whispers that she hears as she walks out into the world today

They tear her apart from the inside   

They start in the heart and slowly head for the brain
They take root and they violently rearrange 
As she goes she knows she's not the only one
Who's gotta feel this way
But she knows that no one really cares enough
To stop by and ask her if she's doing okay
So she walks, her mask held firmly in place
She walks into a bar to drown her doubt and worries away
But she don't know that all the liquid does is force them down 
And all alone she can't seem to keep her demons out
As she leaves she meets a man outside
Says His name is Hope and everything will be alright 
But she's heard those words too many times before
She's ended up beaten, bruised, and lying on the floor
Waiting for love In this lowly place
To pick her up and wipe the tears from her face
To grab her by the hand and take her far away
To show her how to love and teach her how to change


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