Up Where They Walk

Swimming around collecting everything I find

Things the humans dispose of when they've been declined

And then I see this man, this beautiful man who loves to dance

Oh how I long to be there where he is if only I had the chance


But I know my father the King of the ocean won't allow it

He gets very hostile when he finds out I've been to shore

He never tells me why, but I don’t care because I hate feeling omit

For some reason I feel like something is calling me from above

Maybe it's Eric, My true love?


So I swim to shore to see people on a boat dancing

Then all of a sudden fire erupts causing a huge explosion

Eric being the prince he is rescues everyone including his dog

But gets stuck on the boat and then implodes into the ocean


I swim as fast as I can to rescue him while I dodge the fire

Getting Prince Eric to safety was my only desire

So I swam deeper and deeper into the ocean to grab him

And when I had a good grip on him I swam to shore


Was he breathing I asked myself

I held his foot up to my ear because that is what scuttle does

to hear a heartbeat

But then I saw his chest move and I started to feel complete


Being here with my prince no father in sight

I thought to myself this is my chance to kiss him 

As I started to lean down I can smell his minty breath 

And as our lips were about to touch I heard him and it sounded like death


Father why are you here, please don't stop me from doing this

Ariel you don't understand the danger of what you are doing

You never liked the shore father, but you never told me why

Right there I looked at his face and it looked like he was about to cry


I tried to protect you for a long time from the mistakes made by your mother

But you are so much like her that I knew sooner or later it would come out

As he talked I grew even angrier wondering what my mother has to do with this

But then he said something I couldn't dismiss

Ariel you can't be with him because he is your brother. . . 


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