Where I'm From


United States
25° 59' 25.5048" N, 80° 21' 17.0244" W

I’m from beaches and sand
I’m from a shattered life that raises and still stands
From new beginnings with new troubles
I’m from a place destroyed with rubbles
I’m from tambourines and guitars, the beautiful sounds I adore
From smiles they emit, their conversions to frowns that don’t exist
I’m from the colors no one sees
From mirrors turned to incendiary scenes
I’m from the love that even the loved can’t comprehend
A life that only now I begin to understand
I’m from feelings I don’t own, from cruelty I should have known
From betrayal that destroys, but I let it be just noise
I’m from burning light without fire, passion that can inspire
I’m from the Grand and Holly
The one writing my story, the one who made me empathy
I’m from a flower that grew without the sun
A beauty with no petals and she refuses to be shunned
I’m from darkness that converted, struggles unable to be avoided
I’m from what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
What happens in life is for the better
From two aesthetic beings, the surroundings giving my eyes meaning
I’m from confusion and cloudy days, from frowns as malleable as fresh clay
I’m from a bruised and broken heart
That never let anything tear it apart.


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