where i am from

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  I am from handmade red canoes, from farm land and a white well.   I am from broken bones and bleeding hearts, and crumbling floors and whispering walls.   I am from a pear tree
Where I'm from, isn't a place I don't see anymore,  it's a house where my grandparents now live.   I'm from a collection of things from my childhood, From my baby blanket - oh - and Lovey.
I am from an old house, built by the bare hands of my grandparents. I am from craft stores, running in and out right before it closes. I am from bracelets, a colorful way to express myself.
I'm am from peaceful summer days with busy and cold nights I am from my secert hiding net, below the porch I am from where music sets the soul free and helps the youth speak their mind.
Where I’m From By Adriana Ortiz
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