Where I am From


Where I’m From

Simonne Boice


I am from an old beat-up doll, from littlest pet shop and a hot pink Barbie scooter that made all my friend jealous,


I am from actually believing I was Cailou and debating, yelling and throwing a tantrum whenever I was told otherwise,


I am from pencils stuck in itchy casts, not being able to write and the constant “how did you break your arm”,

I am from Family Game Night, and from never making it past the sixth round of Phase 10,


I am from glimmering fireworks on the beach, allnighters that last three hours, and from crashing the four-wheeler again,


I am from empty beaches where the huge waves get everything soaked, from salty wet hair, and from no matter how hard you try sand getting everywhere,


I am from shimmering white and black keys, and from having a mini heart attack before every recital,


I am from missing left shin guards, smelly cleats, and scrambling to make to practice on time,


I am becoming an essay, equation and an endless quiz but knowing its all for a good reason,


I hope to graduate high school

I hope to go to college


I hope to live in a different world then where I am now

but always rembember where i am from

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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