Where Did You Go?

You were not there, when I scraped my knees.
Or when my boyfriend got down on his

When I threw my graduation cap in the air.
Or decided to donate all my hair.

When I hit puberty,
and eventually became pretty.

When I walked down the aisle,
Or had my first child.

When I had a problem,
and felt like I had fallen.

When all I wanted was my parent,
I realized my home was aberrant.

The biggest moments of my life,
I stood alone in strife.

Confused on where you went,
How much better your time was spent.

I wonder if you would be proud,
or just disown me aloud.

This is not a poem of grief,
but of disbelief.

I do not want you home,
I am doing fine on my own.

You were not there to wipe my tears.
We’ve already lost so many years.


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