When you wake...

When you wake, my fingers won't brush your face again
Caressing your masculine jaw line
Caressing your full lips that I love to kiss
Caressing your perfect shape head that I adore overwhelmingly
Caressing the features that made me attracted to you
When you wake my scent no longer lingers through your sheets when I leave you that
auburn morning
Knowing how you felt but you held back on me
In doubt I walked away from my feelings for you
My scent will no longer run through your nasals leaving the quench Of your thirst for my
presents satisfied because I was there in spirit
This summer I walk through the night lights w/ o you
Counting the stars I can imagine w/ my eyes close
& drop one last tear as I take your hand & let it go
You was almost my everything
You was close to possessing my soul deeply
You was close
But you pulled back
I vowed
Not to be hurt
I vowed
To take care of myself first
I vowed
I would not face the scorpions rear end
Because all I want is peace
But I guess we're not on the same treaty so I'd painfully turn every stone
& when I wake
No longer would I be there again
When I wake
You'd be just another memory
& when I wake
You'd just be somebody that I use to know


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