When, What, Where, How & Why

It was on a cold day like this
You were sitting here all alone
No where to go
No where to be 
No where to see
No one to love
Then came me
A boy without a cause nor a reason
When you looked up from your book and looked at me
That was it.
That was when.
When I fall in love with you.
You look in the mirror
I lie in our bed and watch you
You tell me you’re not happy with how you look
Then you ask, “What do you like about me?”
What was there to like about you?
I tell you, “Nothing but everything at the same time.”
You turn away from me sad from what I said for it is not what you wanted
I explain that I love what is in your heart but not in your head
For your head thinks bad things about you
I never think anything bad about you
That’s when you started crying and gave me a letter
You told me you had to leave in a week
You would be back in 5 months
And that is what I hated most about you
What was going to happen to you
What was going to happen to us
What was going to happen next
I lay countless nights in our bed thinking of that day
Where you were standing
Where your hair fell off our shoulder oh so slightly 
Where your lips touched mine one last time
I think about where our loved started
And if it will ever end
I call you every night telling you ‘I love you’
I ask where you been, what you see
You start getting short with me
Always wanting to hang up the phone early 
Our never-ending phone calls turns into 30 minutes
I ask you where we are going
You just ask where I been
I reply waiting for you.
That is where I’ll always be.
Where we are supposed to be together.
Where our love is the strongest.
Where our love will never end.
The girl on that cold day is not here anymore
How could two people in love fall out of it
How could you say those things
Those things that you wouldn’t even say to someone you hate.
How could you not want to come back home
How could you call someone else your love, your honey, your husband
How could you
I leave our bed and never come back
The bed that once pulled us so close I thought we were one
How could things we love hurt us the most
How could you hurt me the most
How could you just leave
How could I just watch you go 
How can you and I not be we again
How could it be.
I called you one last time before leaving
I asked you just answer one question for me
You said, “Why?”
I said, “Why is just one thing I gave you.”
You waiting a few seconds before replying in confusion 
I then told you why I loved you
Why I would do those things for you 
Why I would kiss you on the forehead and tell you goodnight
Why when you where sick I was willing to be sick too 
Why on those late nights I would just watch you sleep
Listening to your heart beat and mine become one
I told you everything
Why I loved you more than I have loved anything, anyone before
That’s when you told me why
Why you had to get away
Why you wrote that letter so you could
Why this was your whole plan
Why you never wanted love
Why you were scared of it
And why I had to leave
You hung up.
When, what, where, how, & why
When I loved you
What came over you
Where we ended
How you can’t say my name anymore
Why our bed is empty now
When, what, where, how, & why


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