When I Was A Little Girl

When I was a little girl

I frowned at the belly below me

I looked at women in magazines and thought

How could that ever be me?

When will I be worthy?

When will I be good enough?

When will the boys want me?

Where will my belly go?

When I was a little girl

I didn’t know how worth worked

That value comes from within

It doesn’t rely on others approval

Or what you see on the outside

When I got older

I tried makeup, workouts, and tight clothes

Never realizing that beauty doesn't stem from vanity

I wanted these things that I could not have

So long as I chose to go after them

When I grew up

I looked in the mirror

Seeing a woman with soft curves and harsh angles

But I had learned through trial and error

That I was beautiful anyways

That I was always worthy

That it didn’t matter who wanted me

And that nothing would get in my way

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