When I Saw You First

I spotted you in the aisle of the store
You were so beautiful
So amazing that I couldn't look away
You stared right back
And I could tell, in that moment...
That you could ruin me.
You were it for me.
I dropped what I was holding in my hands
The cans rolled away
But I never heard a thing.


I walked up to your side with a slow pace
Reaching forward
I could see the interest on your face
You wanted the same too
I wanted every part of you
Every broken piece
Every cracked part of you
I wanted it all.


I reached forward and touched your side
I softly brushed a spec of dust that had settled
Because you were too perfect to be marred
I brought you close to my body
As close as possible
Because I never wanted to let you go


We walked to the front together
I payed for you at the front counter
Because you deserve to be treated.
We walked out and I brought you closer to my side
You were mine.


I whispered "I love you" the next week
But by that point you were almost gone
I could tell
You were close to being empty
So close
And I tried everything in my power to slow down
To savor it
To make you last
But it didn't work
I couldn't stay away
You were too good


I was addicted to the taste of your shell
I'll always remember it was salty and different
But oh so amazing
But then
Too soon
You were gone.



I was heartbroken.
I didn't want to have to replace you so soon
But you would always be mine
To the very depths of my heart
You would always be my cheese-it


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