Whatever That Is


Has it really come to this?

Or am I just making a wish?

Even if it is a wish, 

It's just about time it came true.


I cannot imagine anymore of the past. 

Sure I can walk on nails and glass 

but not without shoes,

unless of course it was to impress you.


Do you understand what is said?

Or is it just in my head?

I wish it could sound less confusing;

maybe a little more amusing.


But I don't think it would have the same effect,

like this little chill down my neck.

If I had a life without you,

that's how scrambled I would knew...

See what I mean? 

It's like the difernce of one plus thirteen;

It's just not right,

even the sound haunts my sight.


If I had to look in the mirror

and see only me,

an endless flow of tears,

that's all I would be.


Goodbye then to the yesterdays,

throw it all away.

You seem to help me do that,

whatever that is. 

So I am glad it has come to this,

this one little wish;

I knew someday it would come true, 

spending all of my life with beautiful you.


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