What You Left Behind

Dear soul lost to my fading mind,

I would like to tell you how I have grown, 

Since I had to leave you behind,

I have become taller and stronger,

Smarter and better,

I don't lose myself any longer,

Yes, I have changed since that day,

The last time our paths crossed,

And you faded away,

So lost soul don’t you feel sorry,

About giving my to the wind,

There is no need to worry,

I am better now,

Now that I have left you,

And I will tell you how,

I am better because of many things, 

From my new perspective, 

To what the future brings,

You gave me to my family,

Though it has its flaws,

I accept it happily,

You gave me to my friends,

Who are rude sometimes,

But will last me until life ends,

Yes, many new things fill my time,

And many more are to come,

Though you are no longer apart of the climb,

Thank you for letting my go,

Dear lost soul it must have been hard,

But it allowed me to change in ways you will never know,


RIP- Barbra Wright


This poem is about: 
My family
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