What You Don't Know


As you look through a crowd of clones who hold their heads down, you'll notice a girl who walks with her head held high
Although, she doesn't realize her beauty
She'll stand alone, always looking towards the sky
She wears headphones 24/7
But what you don't know, is that most of the time, she isn't listening to any music
This girl will laugh within the crowd of people,
But when she goes home, up to her room, she'll just sit and stare at the walls
A sadness always looming over her, slowly breaking down her walls until sleep finally consumes her
Then a new day will start and she'll feel optimistic,
Hoping that one day she'll look up to the sky and notice a sign telling her she'll finally be happy
She conveys her emotions by drawing self portraits
And singing until her voice has nearly gone
But what you don't know about this girl is that she believes in silver linings,
She will put her friends needs before her own,
And she will do anything to make you laugh
Another thing you don't know about this girl,
Is that she's me.


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