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"Shes strong beautiful has the whole world at her hands" 

yet shes sad scared and surrounded by everyone yet feels so alone 

"Shes Beautiful.." 

She Cant stand to take full body pictures 

"Shes confident"

She cant look at herself naked .. Shes ashamed 

She cries at night and as hard as her mind yells her mouth will never curve to tell anyone she not fine. 

"Shes independent"

She scared to let anyone else in cause shes scared they'll leave like her father did.. 


She cries at night wondering why .. questioning life 

"shes in love" 

Her Boyfriend has been there through it all... Never questioning her never leaving her side even when she pushed him away .. 

"They had sex thats why her father left"

True. He couldnt handle the fact that i was growing up so he left ... 

"Shes so stong about it" 

Im dying inside... 

"Shes excited for college"

... My future is my only escape...

"Shes Got it all together " 

Help me.....


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