What They Deserve


First and foremost children deserve love, in fact they need it to survive, children deserve the world, for they had no choice in becoming alive.

They deserve hope, for nothing will continue witout it, they deserve trust, because there are too many who clout it.

Children deserve encouragement, as well as a first push. Children deserve boundaries and when needed a slap on the tush.

Children deserve a hand, one that helps, guides, and feeds. They deserve a mothers warmth, which is a key essential of needs.

Children deserve a model, someone to teach them to play the role. They deserve imaginaton or they will never know their soul.

Children deserve culture, to know where and how their roots came to be. They all deserve diversity, and must have a sense of we.

Children deserve a father, one who provides and protects, a father who stands, doesn't flee or neglect.

Children deserve to be heard, taught to use their own voice, they need to be taught the right things, so they can make the right choice.

Children deserve the stars, for they are all we are. Children deserve to grow, because our deaths are not too far.

Children deserve you, and that is all that needs to be stated, and if what I say is false, than why else would they be created.




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