What Should Have Been

When the people who gave you life are also what makes you consider taking it,

There is a problem.

Every single night I brush my teeth in an attempt to wash away the sound of you

Slamming the door as you leave.

But I can still taste the bile in the back of my throat 

That is the EXACT same flavor as you leaving me behind.


You, you are supposed to be my best friend, and the hand I hold when I need help.

My shoulder to cry on when I need arms wrapped around me. 

I needed your mothering presence and touch. 

Except that's funny now because you are the last person 

On Earth

That I'd tell a secret to.


You, you were supposed to protect your dear, darling daughter.

That's pretty much written in the job description of "Daddy," isn't it?

You were supposed to beat up all the boys that would ever

Dare hurt your baby girl.

Except that's funny now because you are the one hurting me 

I never imagined my heart could bruise so blue.




Deja Marshawna Anderson

I been through this, its hard when you are young. But when you get older you learn that you will have to set the example sometimes for your own parents.It sounds backwards, but sometimes thats how it is.Hope you can overcome this pain from your parents and not let it bring you down.


I'm sorry I am just now seeing this. Thank you so much. Your encouragement means a lot.

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