What makes me tick



What makes me tick? What makes me tick really ticks me off

College is hard yo, Have you seen all these assignments?

I’m just a poor programmer what is this I have to become poor

Before I’m successful? That’s rich.


I’m a simple man that’s easy to please give me sweets and games

And I’m set for weeks. Anime and science are cool too and I want to make a

Robot too. But I ain’t talking about any irobot or Robocop, I’m talking about Wing Zero straight out of

Gundam Wing.

Yea I play a lot of games ever heard of League? I’ll see you on the Rift!

Some say I’m really good at the game, others say I’m hacking.

Look  I ain’t compensating this is just what the game looks like when I’m dominating.


Yea a lot say I’m pretty weird maybe even a little crazy. I don’t care what they say.

Opinions, self-esteem, pride yea, what are those? I’m just interested in the girls oh hey look at those!

Yea my family is pretty cool they are all woman though.

 What’s a nerdy dude supposed to do when he’s out numbered three to one?

 It’s fine though everything is a learning experience woman are truly terrifying, or maybe my aunts are just always angry?

 My cousins are cool though I worry a bit. Who are you going out with? God why him!?



But I ain’t religious I just follow the flow. Have you picked a fight with Christian dudes? Oh hell no!

I’m perfectly content with my 1s and 0s lets just keep it simple.

Don’t XOR, OR , or  NOT me.

 When I ask question just say yes or no 1 or 0.

And that’s what makes me tick who would of thought?

I’m just an evil master mind, don’t worry there won’t be a boring plot.


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