What makes me Tick

Whats on your mind? 

I alwyas ponder this question time to time.

We often wonder about our problems and what puts us in these binds.

I think of the same things, sometimes I wonder should i commit crimes?

But I can't do that Im in college doing so well for myself 

But I dont have that no worries kind of wealth 

So whats in store for me? 

No one knows, but i just want to be free

Thats the key, but if only it was that easy 

Because nothing is really free

So I have to work my butt off just to get where I want to be

But its hard to do that because of today's society 

If you look at how they portrey me

A black man 

working hard just like everyone else

most people don't a black can

but its ok I dont mind any opinions because Im my own fan 

So I stand tall, aim high and with the world I share my gifts 

If ever want to know whats on my mind or makes me tick, take a look at this list.



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