What makes a man, a real man?

Here is an Ode to a love I do not miss.

Here is a cheer to the man who flipped me upside down inside out

A cheer to a man who made me see what my real worth is

A man who made me realize my true potential

Not by loving me but by not loving me

A man who made me feel tiny and insignificant

A man who warped my brain.

I keep saying man but I do not think he is a man

Does a real man punch walls centimeters from your face

Does a real man choke you out? Then have sex with your body because he thinks it is funny?

Does a real man punch cars near you to make you cower?

Stop you from seeing your friends and family?

Does a real man cheat on you for a year of only a year long relationship?

Does he lie to you so you can feel bad for leaving him?

Stops you from achieving your dreams?

Nah that aint a man to me thats a boy. Even that is being nice.

Here is a cheer to the boy I almost married thinking he was the best I could ever get.

Here is a cheer to the boy that lead me to a real man.

A man who spoils me even when i tell him not to.

A man who takes care of the pain the boy caused.

A man who is cheering on my success. 

Pushing me to be the greatest I can be. 

So you tell me what makes a real man?

Cause now I know what makes a real man.

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Our world



Soo good! I'm proud of you!


Soo good! I'm proud of you!

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