'fear' 'love' 'heartbreak' relationship abuse' 'freedom'

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From the jump I was in love, Dark I confess
Aching Heart, Felt very deeply, Lying heavy, Constantly.   It's just there Where you think it ought to be, Inside my chest, Centre of me.    It's been a while,
To the soul that left me lost,   I've been writing to you for quite some time, but never got around to actually sending a letter.  
#becauseIloveyou600 miles meant nothing to me because I loved you.I gave up my freedom, and that was okay because I loved you.
Because I Love Me   I love you, I love you with my whole being. Your fingertips paint blue skies Through my hair.
On the first date you bought me flowers. You said the red roses matches my lips— And I thought the green stems matched your eyes,  
Seen through the lies With teary eyes a picture painted by thousand lies And naught but woe beneath the skies No longer shall I suffer this Your stabbing words shall not be missed
Touching Squeezing Pushing Taking Yelling Screaming Hitting Taking Holding Tying Lying TAKING This is not love I live for love
I used to be scared of love, because I was never taught well. I have seen the painful kind of love that breaks your bones, and keeps the door locked, and it's hard for me to remember the last time my mother smiled,
Sometimes midnight is only 7:15And blue hand print bruisesAre only charred yellow bone dustSometimes I see the scars like Pandora’s Box but they only exist in a suitcase You gave me knit sweaters and necklaces and songs but I wore them as safety g
Names are so much more than words. They have emotions and feelings. They carry memories, the precious and the painful. They are the titles of our soul. They have power, if we let them.
I didn't love you for your smile I didn't love you for your eyes I didn't love you for your laugh I loved you by surprise   I didn't love you because you were smart
swallowed away under miles of silence swallowed abruptly by someone distant punctured soil down in the vallet left of what human remained the empty skeleton
He has the temper of a bull, 
Here is an Ode to a love I do not miss. Here is a cheer to the man who flipped me upside down inside out A cheer to a man who made me see what my real worth is A man who made me realize my true potential
Oh you poor injured Kitten. Don't hold your head in your hands,  And shy away from the world. Shh! Shh! Don't Speak. I know he hurt you... Again. But look see that light!
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