What I've Should Have Said

I'm better with writting,

normally stumbling with words.

So what is it I have to say?

What is it that I've kept inside?

What are the words flooding my mind?


In your arms I am safe and warm

and I can't help but smile to myself.

I listen to your steady heartbeat

laughing at your jokes as I shake my head,

listening intently to what you've just said.

I sigh softly,

and I take in your scent,

relaxing into the moment,

in quiet content.


I can not explain what I feel.

I can not expalin away the smile,

I can not explain the laughs,

I can not explain I feel safe,

why it is that when everything feels like it's going wrong

you make me feel like everything will be alright.


You've made me feel confident.

You've made me feel beautiful.

You've made me feel strong.

And for a while now

I've been working up the courgage

to say what I've wanted to say.

I should have said it,

and I'm sorry I was afraid:

I love you.

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