What It Means to Love

What does it mean to love?

Is it a title?

Is it to act like a vital?


No, it is much more.

Much more than I can implore.


It is a feeling

a feeling of believing.


To let your heart soar

with the person who you will soon explore.

To feel free

by just being me.


It's when searching for a purpose

they show you you are worth it.

When you are in doubt

they'll show you the way out.


It's the loyalty and respect, you see

that's shared between you and me.

It's with compassion and patience, my love,

that you bring me above.


It's your smile

that can cheer me up from a mile.

Your words of power

that make me feel as lovely as a flower.


Your courage and your strength to look beyond my imperfection

makes me overwhelmed with affection.

Your abundance of character and heart

that attracts me to your rather strange art.


But what does it mean to love?

It is to accept yourself and others,

soon, we'll all be as free as a dove.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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