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In the Midst of Misunderstanding   They all assume That I am what I’m not. But what can I do, Other than to bear their misunderstood beliefs.   What would they say,
  Once Upon a Time: Aladdin Once upon a time in the lands of sand There was a gent’ named Aladdin Whose life wasn’t a fairyland   He had to steal everything just to get by
Once upon a time in the city of Agrabah,  There was a street rat name Aladdin And a mischievous brown monkey in red attire Named Abu on his shoulder  Aladdin was strolling through the city,
Prince Ali Mighty is he Living in deception Strong? No, weak Mighty not he
Come in this life fresh and new, Once that legal age, You’ll never look back.   Feel the same, Think the same, Don’t look any different.   You know it, Everyone knows it.
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