What if

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 22:49 -- laronlc


What if she's the one I can trust and turn the me into an us.

What if we can be the us that "everyone" tries to bust.

What if she's the one for me because she's not afraid of what we'll be.

What if she's the one "just for me" because she likes me just for me.

Who is she that screams to me with her soothing voice of melody?

Who is she that looks at me and cries for help to set her free?

Who is she?

What will we be?

When will she ever belong with me?

Her amazing smile that stays with me, stays because it strengthens me.

Her beautiful smile that speaks to me, speaks to let me know I'm free.

She is a queen as we see, but hopefully she's my queen to be.

By: LaRon Curtis



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