This Is What I Want

Dear Family,

Thank you guys for all the help,
Because I really thought I was going to melt.
With all the pressures that high school brought
I really felt like I was being tied in a knot.

Now I am in college working hard,
Instead of playing in our backyeard. 
And now that I look back on our conversations,
I relized that all you guys want is for me to get an education.

Have you ever stopped to ask me why 
When we would talk about college I would always sigh.
It's because I want to go travel the world,
Instead of being here all bored and conserved.

Don't worry guys I'm going to finish school 
Cause I acturally found some classes that are really cool,
but once I finish school and get my degree 
I hope it will finally set me free. 

I want you guys to know that I am not like you 
I don't want to go out and find a man to pursue.
I will make sure to live out my best life
Because with or without you I will be alright.

The eldest daughter and grand daughter


This poem is about: 
My family


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