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There are only two types of fear When the outcome is beneficial and when the outcome is detrimental. can't hear my own thoughts can't feel my own hands How come it's when we have control 
When I finally find something I like When I finally find something I can do It is pulled away from me And I fall   People say I don't try enough But what I find is that it finds me
And off I fly into the perils of the night, The biting cold wind freezing my face, And causing tears to streak from my eyes Need you never know What happens when you tell me goodbye
Sometimes I just wish upon a star, that one day all my wrongs will be rights, all my flaws will be beauty, and all my frowns would be smiles. 
Across every sea, someone is finding that one that's meant to be. Across the night's dark skies, some little girl is wiping her eyes. Because she's a victim of a broken promise.
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